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Asia’s casino hotspots

Asia’s casino hotspots

Fast-rising casino destinations such as Macau and Singapore are drawing thousands of gambling enthusiasts to Asia. In fact, Macau has now surpassed Las Vegas as the biggest gambling city in the world. Why not place your bets in one of these more popular Asia cities for gaming?


Dubbed ‘the Monte Carlo of the Orient’, Macau’s casinos have recorded more revenue that those in any other city in recent times. A former Portuguese colony, and a wealthy destination, Macau is highly dependent on gambling, with revenue from gambling forming a mainstay of the economy. From the more traditional and classic games to the contemporary ones, the casinos of Macau wouldn’t disappoint.

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Sri Lanka

For those loving the island spirit, Sri Lanka’s casinos offer a mix of style, and comfort. Conveniently located in the heart of the country’s bustling capital of Colombo, gaming enthusiasts, whether seasoned or ammeters, can enjoy an impressive selection of games.

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Along with Macau, Singapore is another Asian destination that is fast becoming a much sought-after gambling destination. Although its gambling industry is still in its early stages, the settings of casinos in iconic structures and an advanced city allows visitors to experience stunning views, luxurious stays, and an impressive selection of leisure activities.

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If you are a seasoned gamer heading towards India, why not try your hand at one of the floating casinos in Goa? Located in the Western coast of India, this tourist hotspot is among the few states in India where gambling is legalised. Casinos are mainly found offshore, on boats anchored on the surrounding Mandovi River, while onshore casinos boasts of a range of electronic games.

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Located just outside of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s only legal and land-based casino resort offers a real treat for the gaming enthusiast travelling to this bustling city. Why not make reach the casino resort in style as you take a ride on a cable car ride to the hilltop complex?

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