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Final wrap! APT Player of the Series, CoinPoker High Rollers, and Short Deck winners

Final wrap! APT Player of the Series, CoinPoker High Rollers, and Short Deck winners

APT Vietnam 2018 is a wrap!  It has been a great week at Pro Poker Club and we thank everyone that came out to support our event. The festival drew in 1600 entries and over VND 30 Billion in prizes. Congratulations to all the winners! You can read up on the biggest winners here:

Tetsuya Tsuchikawa wins the Main Event

Victor Chong claims first-ever career title at the CoinPoker Super High Rollers

Relive the final table action at APT Twitch and APT YouTube!

We have one more event for the year, the APT Finale Philippines 2018 taking place on November 27 to December 6 at Resorts World Manila. Join us as we close out the year with a fantastic line up of events.

Here are the final winners of the series:

Tetsuya Enoki wins the APT Player of the Series

Tetsuya Enoki – APT POS – 1st place

Go Mori – APT POS – 2nd place

Tetsuya Tsuchikawa – APT POS – 3rd place

APT Player of the Series standings 

Full Event Results

Dylan Wilkerson wins the CoinPoker High Rollers 

The two-day CoinPoker High Rollers event attracted 104 entries for a prize pool of VND 5,044,000,000. Returning to the felt today were the last 38 players with only 18 spots paid. The three-handed bout was one of the longest to complete that at the fall of Shyh Chyn Lim in 3rd place, Dylan Wilkerson and Christopher Mateo struck a deal. With more chips at Wilkerson’s side of the table, he was awarded the win.

1st Dylan Wilkerson – VND 1,107,750,000 (deal made)
2nd Christopher Mateo – VND 1,000,000 (deal made)
3rd Shyh Chyn Lim – VND 588,630,000
4th En Ching Wu – VND 428,470,000
5th Kenny Tuan – VND 323,820,000
6th Gao Wenling – VND 253,100,000
7th Richard Marquez – VND 203,850,000
8th Ng Pham The Quan – VND 168,620,000
9th Linh Tran – VND 142,830,000
10th Phachara Wongwichit – VND 122,070,000
11th Victor Chong – VND 104,340,000
12th Ken Okada – VND 104,340,000
13th Duong Vi Khoa – VND 89,180,000
14th Konstantin Pogodin – VND 89,180,000
15th Huu Dung Nguyen – VND 89,180,000
16th Gen Nose – VND 76,220,000
17th Go Mori – VND 76,220,000
18th Cao Ngoc Anh – VND 76,220,000

Andreas Rauh wins the CoinPoker High Rollers Single Day – Shot Clock

We have another player taking down a second title at the series, Germany’s Andreas Rauh won the CoinPoker High Rollers Single Day – Shot Clock event. Rauh topped a field of 42 runners to win the VND 554,010,000 first prize.

1st Andreas Rauh – VND 554,010,000
2nd Le Ngoc Khanh – VND 356,310,000
3rd Nguyen Van – VND 241,620,000
4th Go Mori – VND 171,940,000
5th Julien Tran – VND 127,820,000
6th Vu Hai Phong – VND 98,810,000
7th Eric Tsai – VND 79,090,000

Tim Frazin wins the Short Deck Poker

The APT introduced Short Deck Poker for the first time at the festival. This drew in a decent field of 53 runners. The first level brought on plenty of confusion with hand ranking a bit different than normal and the ace also playable to form a bottom straight. Once players got their groove going, it was smooth sailing with big hands tabled at nearly every table.

To spice up the action further, at the final table, a new element was added, the Shot Clock. Needless to say, the event wrapped up quite fast. Heads up action was between Tim Frazin and Duy Ho. Frazin had Duy dominated 4:1. The final hand saw Duy fall with 6 6 over Frazin’s A K that saw a board run K 7 1010 Q.

1st Tim Frazin – VND 97,920,000
2nd Duy Ho – VND 81,950,000
3rd Nguyen Vu Dai Duong – VND 50,230,000
4th Erik Billgren – VND 36,560,000
5th Tao Tien Manh – VND 27,630,000
6th Wu Kui Song – VND 21,600,000
7th Goto Daisuke – VND 17,400,000
8th Kyle Lim – VND 14,390,000
9th Michele Limongi – VND 12,190,000

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